The UDO Syllabus is being taught alongside our Coady Syllabus

The syllabus is designed to enable dancers to gain accreditation, from a pre-primary level through to a teaching level. It will introduce the foundations in all styles of street dance.
The aim of this project is to identify ways in which the UDO can launch and continuously operate the:

  • Provision of Street Dance examinations to set standards and reward achievement and progression

  • Provision of techniques, through the UDO syllabus, on which to train Street dancers for a profession

  • UDO accreditation, as a preparatory step towards the Level 2 Certificate in teaching Street Dance.

In doing this, the UDO will:

  •  Lead to the UK Street Dance industry in setting standards to validate development and progression

  • Assist Street dancers to demonstrate a range of essential transferable skills that underpin success in education, employment, lifelong learning and personal development

  • Provide further employment opportunities to the Street Dance industry e.g. examiners, teachers and performers

  • Develop a stepping stone for teachers wanting to undertake the Level 2 certificate in teaching Street Dance by ensuring coverage of certain materials towards the qualifications enabling them have the same frame of reference as other professionals working in the dance and fitness industry

Monday 6.00 – 6.45pm: school yrs 3-6

Monday 8.15 – 9.00pm: school yrs 7+

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"Dance is a beautiful art form that taps into our child-like selves and brings out our uniqueness and brings people together."

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